Take Action

We offer a valuable set of choices for taking action and then leave it up to you to initiate a relationship with PROCORP in a manner best suited to your circumstances, needs and preferences.

Qualified business owners who take action and choose to work with PROCORP are enrolled in the

The PROCORP Capital Engineering Program


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While we have helped dozens of business owners realize the full value of their business, we do not know how we can help you. That is why we begin our relationship with you using our in-depth discovery and assessment process.

The process enables you to clearly understand what needs to be done to fully realize the value of your business. It also helps you assess PROCORP’s ability to help make it happen. You will know what is ahead, what needs to be done, and how to get started. It will then be up to you to decide if you are ready to take action. There are no-fees or commitments involved. The three components of this process are:

The Opportunity Qualifying Conversation: a preliminary exploration of your circumstances and goals to determine the value available to you, and to PROCORP, in pursuing a relationship.

The RV Score® & Capital Opportunity Assessment: An in-depth assessment of your current situation using our unique and highly specialized analytical process and technology during which we dig deeply into your goals, hopes and dreams and we ask for your financial statements. Our analysis then combines qualitative factors and hard numbers to determine your RV Score®. In addition to providing an actuarially verified assessment of the liquid value of your business, your RV Score® precisely indicates the likelihood of realizing that value.

We have proven the RV Score® is the single most important measurement of where you are now, and where you are likely to end up at any given point of time in the future.

The Capital Opportunity Blueprint: To help you immediately begin taking advantage of this new information, we provide a detailed analysis of what we have learned along with the most relevant PROCORP strategies and tools and an execution timeline for addressing your challenges and realizing your value.

We are seeking to create an alignment between your needs and our unique services. The discovery process is designed to encourage, but not force, this alignment and to help you and your PROCORP advisor recognize when we can or cannot align. The blueprint will be yours to keep: You may throw it out, implement it yourself or, if we are successful in creating alignment, you will work with us to accomplish exceptional results.

By completing the Capital Opportunity Assessment, you are taking the first steps towards gaining complete control of your capital and the opportunity to:

  • Gain access to more operating capital
  • Finance growth or acquisitions
  • Take profits out of your company
  • Avoid crippling taxes
  • Sell your business
  • Empower the next generation of owners


Through a series of joint planning sessions and internal analytical team execution, our clients proceed through six program stages:

  • The Capital MRI: The first step after engagement is unique analysis platform that identifies the key areas of your company’s financial situation most often missed, or misinterpreted by conventional advisory. Complex financial information is conveyed in a simple to understand format leading to powerful results.
  • Capital Engineering Plan: Custom designed solutions based on your personal circumstances and needs. Solutions are presented in numerical, graphic and literal formats that compare what can be achieved as opposed to what is being achieved.
  • Forensic Analysis and Due Diligence: A period in the process dedicated to due diligence by all parties. This can include financial underwriting, medical underwriting and specific consultation for all parties involved.
  • Capital Engineering Team Integration: Insures all professionals are working together with all of the facts on behalf of the client. During this stage, PROCORP acts as the clearing centre for case logistics and coordination.
  • Capital Engineering Plan Implementation: Implementation strategies incorporate a number of facets that in combination complete the process. PROCORP will provide letters of direction and oversight to insure each component is completed and implemented.
  • Accountability and Progress Accelerator: Timely reviews are conducted as circumstances demand to ensure effective performance and to address changing needs and circumstances.


We currently offer two opt-in publications to help you realize as much value as possible from your business.

The Capital Engineering Bulletin: Published every two to three months, the bulletin closely examines a principle, concept or strategy critical to successful capital transfer and realizing your value. Click here to subscribe.

Bill’s Book Blog: Gives you monthly reports on what PROCORP founder Bill Sodomsky thinks you will learn and can use from the books he has been reading. Click here to subscribe.

Our goal with these two publications is to begin a far-reaching dialogue within the business ownership community that will contribute to a fundamental shift in how capital is viewed, managed, and transferred.