How Will Your Story Unfold?

There will be a chapter in your life story, one you may already be in the middle of, in which you realize it is going to be very difficult if not impossible to get your money out of your business.

How this most critical chapter ends is up to you.

Ignore these issues until it’s too late and it could end in tragedy.

Accept these issues as normal, conceding your lifetime of work, and the chapter will describe the onset of a long, slow decline.

Or, shrug off convention, overcome inertia, face fear and embarrassment, and do what it takes to discover and implement an entirely different solution, so this chapter can end in triumph.

Consider these facts:

  • Tens of thousands of Canadian business owners will head for the exit in the next five to ten years.
  • The capital markets funding the purchase of these businesses are already severely limited and diminishing with each passing year.
  • As of today, only one of every four owners will sell their businesses
  • And, only 25% of the 25% who sell will get anywhere near the money they deserve (That’s only 6.25 out of 100!).
  • 65% of the money received by the lucky few that do sell… will be lost to taxes.

Consider these ideas:

  • A financial reporting system or structure that does not focus on and solve for the ultimate transfer of the capital to the owner is incomplete and misguided.
  • Conventional accounting analysis and recognition of earned profits is fictional.
  • Accounting principles alone cannot, in real terms, deliver the capital intact.
  • For the capital to retain its wholeness, transfer mechanisms (financial instruments) providing insulation against corrosive taxation must be used.
  • In order for an accounting system to be truly meaningful and effective, it must expand its frontiers to incorporate an all-inclusive approach emphasizing a basic tenet of the discipline of finance – capital allocation.

When you realize what you now have is unacceptable, you are ready for PROCORP.

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