Real People Stories

Welcome to our community of business owners who are realizing their value! Each of these stories represents a real case in which PROCORP made a substantial contribution to the lives of the people involved. (As you read these stories, think beyond the business owner to their family, employees, clients, suppliers and community to more fully understand why we call them Real People Stories.)

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Challenge: Large shareholder loans owed to principles but no cash available.
Solution: Insert future pretax earnings into pension trust. Assign trust assets to bank. Owners borrow against trust assets assigned to bank.
Result: Shareholder loans are cleared off the books and no additional tax is paid.


Challenge: Retain quality professionals while structuring a 10-year exit plan for founder.
Solution: Reorganize firm, freeze value, and help partners establish individual holding companies. Future earnings paid to holding companies with tax-free, inter-corporate dividends. Partners leverage out monies tax-free.
Result: Founder receives full market value after 10 years and retains top associates.


Challenge: Owners retiring and want $10M. Company listed for sale for five years attracting only a few, poor offers.
Solution: Owners set up pension trusts. Buyers, on a deductible basis, insert purchase proceeds into trusts.
Agreements put in place to transfer shares to buyer at death of owner using insurance contracts.
Result: Owner receives full market value. Buyer purchases company with pretax dollars. Shares are purchased with insurance proceeds.


Challenge: Sale of real estate assets creates large capital gain and dividend taxes before owner receives proceeds.
Solution: Lawyer creates structure to offset gains with losses. Proceeds inserted into insured tax sheltered accounts. Accounts are leveraged to provide income.
Result: No tax paid by corporation or owner after sale of assets.


Challenge: Company needs to finance expansion in order to compete with large box stores.
Solution: Pension trust established for owner. Pretax earnings inserted into trusts instead of paying out as bonus. Trust assigned to bank.
Result: Company finances purchase of twice as much inventory and sales expand from $30M to $100M over five years.