Lesson #5

Are you “positioned” to succeed in the private business market? (Lesson #5 of 18)
When you meet with successful business owners, how powerfully are you positioned?

Do they see you as a sales person?
An advisor?
An equal?
A mentor?
A coach?
A leader?

In lesson #4 we asked, “What is the most powerful piece of knowledge you possess?” because what you know dictates what you say and do when you interact with successful business owners.

And, what you say and do determines the position you occupy in your clients’ minds… and in their hearts.
Make no mistake, when a business owner realizes you are the type of advisor they have been in desperate need of – someone who provides relevant, useful and powerful knowledge along with the processes, skill, team and resources needed to apply that knowledge – you have established a position in their minds and in their hearts.

To understand what we are driving at, you need only think about the great leaders throughout history. Did even one of them appeal solely to the reason and logic of the people they led? No, not one. Each great leader dwells in the hearts of their people and even, some would say, in their souls.

This truth is critical to your success. How can you possibly imagine becoming a successful advisor to the most successful people in your community without powerful knowledge and, more importantly, the courage to use it?

So, let’s get down to basics: When you speak with prospective clients who are successful business owners, do you talk about:
Investment and insurance products?
Investment strategies?
Tax strategies?
Retirement planning?
Estate planning?
Succession planning?
If you answered “yes” to one or more of these, it is almost certain you are establishing a position in their minds. How effective it is in moving the relationship toward achieving tangible, positive results – for you and them – is something only you can measure. But, be honest, what do you think they think about you? And, are you able to stake a claim to even the smallest piece of their heart?

While your thinking about that, consider these excerpts from one of the books on the PROCORP Special Advisor Training Program mandatory reading list.

“From the earliest days of his business, the business owner has narrowed the options open to him. Instead of building a management team, instead of taking time to prepare his heir for succession, instead of finding first rate advisors, …instead of using modern accounting techniques to inform his management rather than confuse the (tax man), instead of sharing information with and teaching others, he decided he would rather do it all himself. It made him feel vital, virile, heroic. So as his business grew bigger and bigger, he became narrower and narrower and more indispensable.”

“The business owner is lonely, tired, scared, harassed and confused… At stake is the survival of the way of life he cherishes. Unlike previous business skirmishes during the building of the business, these crises find the business owner at the top of his growth cycle. He must make a decision. Is his business going to continue to grow, or has he wearied of the struggle? Can he turn it over to someone else? How? Who cares?”

Beyond Survival by Léon Danco

So, what position do you actually occupy in the minds and hearts of your clients and prospective clients?

If you wish to be regarded as an equal and a leader, your best opportunity is right here and now. This opportunity has been made possible by the massive, unprecedented and historically unique financial disaster about to befall the vast majority of business owners. Which, as we have been saying all along, is also a phenomenal opportunity for you to engage business owners in a conversation about realizing the value of their life’s work instead of seeing it evaporate in a cloud of confusion, fear and wishful thinking.

The PROCORP Special Advisor Training Program is your only opportunity to acquire the knowledge and resources necessary to occupy a powerful, noble and highly lucrative position in the hearts and minds of your clients.

Why consider joining the PROCORP Special Advisor Training Program?

Consider these facts about the private business owner marketplace:
  • There are approximately 450,000 private businesses in Canada with a notional or book value of over $1.3 trillion.
  • The vast majority is owned by baby boomers who are headed for the exits over the next five to 10 years.
  • Only one of every four will sell.
  • Of those that do sell, only 25% will get anywhere near what they think their business is worth.
  • And, as much as 65% of the money those lucky few receive will be lost to taxation.

While this is not a pretty picture… it is an unprecedented opportunity for any advisor willing to acquire the knowledge and work with a highly specialized team.

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