Lesson #4

Knowledge is priceless. Lack of it by intention, incompetence, or complacency is tragic and unforgivable.

What knowledge do you apply as a financial advisor?

What do you know about your prospects and clients who are business owners?

What is the most powerful piece of knowledge you possess?

What do you know for sure?

Here are some things we know for sure…

  • Last resort strategies forced upon the already overwhelmed business owner serve no good purpose except of course to the outside advisors.
  • Private businesses are currently governed by obsolete compliance driven financial processes (financial statements) that evolved in a bygone era.
  • Business owners must move beyond their conventional advisors and demand knowledge that is in their best interest.

Consider this…

Only state-of-the-art financial technologies can provide the scale and scope to overcome the challenges private business has unsuccessfully struggled with for generations. Modern financial advisory can provide the means of dealing with critical issues such as lack of working capital, crippling taxes, intergenerational transfers, business sales and illiquidity in a positive, proactive fashion.

What if you could…

Arrest a business owners attention and engage them in a peer-to-peer conversation?

One among many benefits…

Of the PROCORP Special Advisor Corps Training Program, is the ability to capture a business owner’s full attention while delivering a unique, powerful, and substantial discovery and engagement process.

The power behind this process is knowledge.

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Why consider joining the PROCORP Special Advisor Training Program?

Consider these facts about the private business owner marketplace:
  • There are approximately 450,000 private businesses in Canada with a notional or book value of over $1.3 trillion.
  • The vast majority is owned by baby boomers who are headed for the exits over the next five to 10 years.
  • Only one of every four will sell.
  • Of those that do sell, only 25% will get anywhere near what they think their business is worth.
  • And, as much as 65% of the money those lucky few receive will be lost to taxation.

While this is not a pretty picture… it is an unprecedented opportunity for any advisor willing to acquire the knowledge and work with a highly specialized team.

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