Why have I not I heard about this before?

To ask why you have not heard about this is to overly simplify the question and problem at hand. What we do is unique in the financial services landscape. Most advisory firms and service providers in the industry design strategies and products that are only able to meet the needs of a mass market. We, on the other hand, only create strategies and products that meet the specific needs and goals of each individual client.
We engage in a complementary discovery process to help you fully understand the impact work with us will have on your business. Our analysis of your needs, goals, and current financial position is sophisticated and thorough.

How long will it take?

Initial planning can be accomplished within 90 days.

How do I know if I need you?

If you are troubled by a financial situation and cannot find an answer anywhere else you need us.

Here are some questions to ask yourself, if you answer yes to one or more you need us.

  • Do you bonus out each year and pay permanent tax on the bonus?
  • Do you need a succession plan designed or implemented?
  • Do you build retained earnings in your company yearly from profits?
  • Do you provide shareholder loans to your business?
  • Do you finance fixed assets with your own cash?

Who are PROCORP clients?

We will never name our clients out of respect for their privacy. Our clients are private business owners who have several key qualities:

Call Response – They always return phone messages and email in a timely fashion.

Appointment Response – They always honor appointment requests made on a mutually agreed upon time and date.

Data Response – They always deliver requested data information.

Business Success – Significant profitability (pre-tax 250K plus) or significant retained earnings/shareholder loans (500K plus).

Open Minded – They are open to new methods of working able to grasp the value and utility of our specialized advisory services.

Decision Maker – They are the key person involved in major decisions and will approach advisory with an independent disposition. They are capable of making crucial business decisions internally being.

Is it ok with revenue Canada or the IRS

All of our solutions are well within the parameters set out in the tax act. This is a matter of integrating common procedures in a unique manner.

I have an IPP so why would I have the need for something like this?

IPPs are limited in scope, costly to maintain and must eventually be brought back into the permanent tax cycle. Our solutions will not force you into an onerous tax position.

I have a Holding Company to take care of all this. What could you possibly do that is different?

Holding Companies ultimately only provide for tax deferral, so unless the Holding Company is designed to achieve tax-free transfer, it will not be sufficient.