Wisdom Lost

The opening stanza to W.B. Yeat’s famous poem “Sailing to Byzantium” ominously begins; ‘ That is no country for old men.’ Almost a century later Cormac McCarthy would coin the phrase as the title for his best selling novel. The Coen brothers would follow, based upon McCarthy’s novel, to create the Academy Award winning film […]

The Business Cycle and the Rhythm of Life

“Cycles: The Science of Prediction”, by Edward Dewey and Edwin Dakin. Like it or not, everything; from the vastness of the universe to the most elementary of particles that comprise it, has a beginning and ultimately an end. All life forms within the confines of time and space evolve along a trajectory until energy is overwhelmed by entropy. Matter is then converted into pure energy and the cycle begins anew.

The Expectation of Fantasy

“In Search of Civilization” By John Armstrong At the core of every business enterprise is a product. These products are expressed in terms of goods or services and depending upon their benefit to society, create a certain amount of demand. Most business owners spend a great deal of time, energy, and dollars in the hope […]

The measure of great art and great lives.

The pursuit of a meaningful and valuable life is a daunting and illusive endeavor. There exists always the internal struggle as to what defines the measure of great value and to what extent one must succeed in achieving it.

Can a man be a great man without achieving success?

Here is a quote well worth reading, rereading, and contemplating. Each and every word contained in it has meaning and power for business owners.