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Financial Advisors Can Succeed in the Private Corporate Market Place

If you ask a financial advisor where the greatest opportunities are in the marketplace, there is a very good chance they will say, “Working with successful private business owners”.

They’re right of course, but, why is it so few are able to actually succeed in this market niche?

During over 17 years of working with the very upper echelon of successful business owners, we have learned that financial advisors fail to sustain any level of meaningful success in the private business market because:

1. They are unaware of and/or have no method for overcoming the many obstacles between them and the business owner, and;

2. They are unaware of and/or have no effective solutions for solving the most significant challenges business owners face.

In short, they are unprepared for the many deadly land mines and booby traps that litter the landscape surrounding private business owners. And, even if they survive, they have nothing new, different, and, most importantly, effective to offer.

The Special Advisors Training Corps


The PROCORP Special Advisor Training Program solves both of these issues. While completing the program, financial advisors come to understand the environment surrounding the private business owner, the role existing, trusted advisors have carved out in their attempt to control and influence the business owner, and the inner, secretive concerns that fuel the fears of business owners. And, they gain access to the most effective capital transfer technology available; technology that provides the solutions business owners need to escape the illiquid quagmire in which so many find themselves trapped.

This unique course contains content developed over many years of successful, applied field experience. After completing the complimentary Qualifying Conversation and Advisor’s Opportunity Assessment, participants will be introduced to state-of-the-art relationship development concepts and tools.  Successful graduates will have direct access to a highly trained team of professionals ready to collaborate on real casework.

Financial advisors will learn that their knowledge and ability to deliver crucial financial planning and products makes them the most important advisory element in the business owner’s arsenal.  The knowledge gained will enable the financial advisor to take a more proactive, confident and professional approach to a marketplace that is desperate for their services and doesn’t know it.

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