The Expectation of Fantasy

“In Search of Civilization”
By John Armstrong

At the core of every business enterprise is a product. These products are expressed in terms of goods or services and depending upon their benefit to society, create a certain amount of demand. Most business owners spend a great deal of time, energy, and dollars in the hope of creating a demand for their products. In a myriad of forms, under the guise of advertising, the public is introduced to these goods and services. Actually, to describe advertising more precisely, it introduces the public to the claimed benefits of these goods and services.

I believe, the claims made in the promotion of a product should be in proportion to the real value, perhaps even understated. What ever happened to the now ancient concept of under-promising and over-delivering? How about giving us the straight goods!

In a recent book titled “In Search of Civilization” philosopher John Armstrong confronts the sorry consequences of perpetuating fantasy expectations instead of the reality expectations. In his words;

… the loftiest purposes are often alluded to in advertising, although the products in question tend to come as an anti-climax …

The problem is the gap between the aspirations and the products on offer, which do not have the remotest chance of actually furthering anyone’s dreams of self-realization. The future of business – and perhaps of civilization – depends on raising the product to the level of the hope.

I think it might be time to become more enamored with the “REAL WORLD.”

About the Author:

John Armstrong is a British writer and philosopher currently in residence at the Melbourne Business School and senior adviser to the Vice-Chancellor of Melbourne University in Australia.

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